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WoodWing + Adobe: Power to the People!

Adobe rocked the publishing world today by democratizing tablet publishing, announcing a $399 edition that allows anyone to build their own app. Meanwhile, WoodWing announced a partnership with Adobe that will replace its own Digital Magazine toolset with Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite by November 2012. We at Joe Zeff Design are thrilled at the news.

All of a sudden, everyone is an app developer, just as the desktop publishing revolution turned everyone into a designer. This is likely to accelerate the rate at which consumers embrace content consumption on a tablet device, which drives opportunity for those who create that content and experiences built around that content. A single platform makes it much more straightforward for companies like Joe Zeff Design to create design, illustration, animation and interactive content that turns everyday apps into extraordinary apps. Not only can we produce great apps, we can provide assets, tools and instructional materials to help others make great apps, too.

We look forward to addressing a much larger audience, from Fortune 500 corporations to local businesses that can leverage the power of the tablet to achieve their business goals. We see Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite as a starting point for creating amazing experiences, just as we used WoodWing's out-of-the-box platform to create one-of-a-kind apps with custom functionality such as "The Final Hours of Portal 2," "Above & Beyond: George Steinmetz" and "Above & Beyond: John Kascht." The ability to deploy HTML from within Adobe provides tremendous flexibility, and its Viewer tools will make it much easier to collaborate with others.

Thank you WoodWing for jumpstarting the digital publishing revolution, by providing the workflow tools that allowed Time magazine and others to launch their first iPad editions. Joe Zeff Design is proud to count itself among the beneficiaries of your prescient thinking. And thank you Adobe for unifying the marketplace and making creativity tools affordable and accessible to the masses.