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Kids Discover: Making Learning Fun

Joe Zeff Design is excited to announce that Volumes 1 through 5 of Kids Discover are now available in the iTunes App Store, packed with interactivity that makes science and social studies fun for children of all ages.

The newest releases are standalone apps about GalaxiesAntarcticaWashington, D.C.Cells and Extreme WeatherGalaxies is available free; the others are $2.99. And we're hard at work on more volumes, each designed and developed using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to combine text, photos, video, animations, interactive 3D models, quizzes and activities into one seamless multimedia experience.

Our new promotional video shows how Kids Discover outshines other educational apps. Have a look . . . 

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One Size Fits Small, Like It or Not

An iPad mini that is fully compatible with all 275,000 iPad apps in the App Store poses a challenge for designers and developers. Until today, an iPad-only strategy allowed publishers to target a single device, the original iPad. Now they're suddenly confronted with the need to deliver that same content on a smaller model as well. There doesn't appear to be an option to restrict content to one device or another. Apps work interchangeably on both models, squeezing 1,024 x 768 pixels into a 7.9-inch display and stretching those very same pixels across a significantly larger 9.7-inch display.

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Why Small Is Big

Today's expected announcement of a smaller iPad is a very big deal. Here's why: Unlike the original iPad, it's truly mobile. The iPad Mini, or Air, or whatever Apple chooses to call it has the potential to replace its big brother as a daily companion for e-mail, texting and browsing. It nicely splits the difference between a phone and a laptop, enough so to justify its weight in a briefcase or purse. The original iPad has been forced into makeshift roles as a laptop or camera, when in fact it is neither. For a 10-inch tablet, there's no place like home, in the living room or bedroom.

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