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Out of this world! Solar System for iPad

We're excited to announce that "Solar System for iPad," a breakthrough electronic book published by Touch Press and Faber and Faber in association with Planetary Visions and Joe Zeff Design, is now available in the iTunes App Store. Touch Press is best known for its debut offering, "The Elements," one of the most successful eBooks in the App Store with more than 160,000 copies downloaded at $13.99 apiece. We've been collaborating with Touch Press since June on the design of "Solar System," working closely with CEO Max Whitby, Creative Director Theodore Gray and Producer Richard Turnnidge.

"It has been a real pleasure working with Joe Zeff Design, who bring years of experience in delivering the highest quality illustrations and information graphics to the iPad," said Whitby. "They are consummate professionals. We look forward to publishing further ground-breaking titles with their help."

Joe Zeff Design collaborated with Touch Press on the design of the eBook, including the application icon, splash screen, the Elements-inspired home page, layout templates and navigation. Further, we created several key illustrations and interactive animations, including cutaways of each planet rendered in LightWave 3D that allow the viewer to peel open each planet to see what’s inside.

More screen captures and sample animations are available for viewing here, or by purchasing the eBook from the App Store here, just in time for Christmas!

"Solar System for iPad" is written by best-selling author Marcus Chown, and opens with a specially composed Björk song to begin the intergalactic adventure. Inside are more than 150 beautifully presented story pages with interactive scenes, videos and 3D objects. Each section includes up-to-the-second astromomical information from Wolfram I Alpha, as well as image galleries that bring the wonders of space to the iPad screen. More details here.

Adds Gray, creator of "The Elements:" "What sets Solar System for iPad apart more than anything is that it is not just an app or reference guide or tour, it’s a real honest-to-goodness book you can sit down and read."

Many thanks to Max, Theo, Richard and the entire team at Touch Press. Looking forward to more exciting projects together.