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Fast Company, Optimized for The New iPad

The April issue of Fast Company turned up in the Apple Newsstand today, featuring a cover story on Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and some of the newest features of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Fast Company is one of the first magazines to offer Retina optimization, with sharper type and images when viewed on the new iPad. Those who previously downloaded Fast Company will need to download Version 1.1 from the App Store in order to see the enhancements to the April issue. The high-definition version is rasterized at four times the resolution of the version available for the iPad 1 and 2.

The app also leverages a new "Favorites" feature, enabling users to bookmark any article by tapping on a star icon in the upper right corner of the navigation interface. To highlight an article, tap once on the screen to access the interface and tap on the star icon in the upper right corner. A list of favorites will appear, spanning every issue that the user has downloaded, permitting easy access to all favorites in all issues regardless of which issue the user is currently reading.

The April issue is Fast Company's second, both produced by Joe Zeff Design. The first was an iTunes Store App of the Week in several countries, as well as an Adobe App of the Week. This latest issue enhances the print experience by adding multimedia features and animations, as well as a bonus reprint of Fast Company's May 2007 cover story on Zuckerberg, yet weighs in at less than 90 megabytes. As with the first issue, many advertisements are pinch-to-zoomable to view small type, and the app is fully compliant with Audit Bureau of Circulation rules.

See for yourself — and be sure to download the update.